❝ That [Mayakovsky] was born and died seemed the least important thing about him; it is not the birth or the death of a cyclone that one remembers. One remembers the destructive path and the raging of the heavens. ❞
—— Robert Payne, introduction to Vladimir Mayakovsky: the plays

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The last message we received inspired me to begin work on a masterpost of Mayakovsky resources that anyone can access and reblog for their own uses. I think that sharing resources is important and the Internet is a great medium through which this can be done. Oftentimes, literature and knowledge are hoarded by academic institutions to the point that only those registered with JSTOR or some other database can access works that everyone could benefit from. I am against this and want to share as much knowledge as I can with all of you.

With this in mind, I want to begin on this masterpost. It will take me a while because I want to compile as many sources, documents, and PDF’s as possible, but this is just a heads up. Additionally, If any of you have access to PDFs or websites with Mayakovsky’s writing or writings about Mayakovsky, please send it to me. You can send a message and ask for my email, or we can do something through dropbox or google drive. I’m open to suggestions. Please send everything you have!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a good day/night. 


Anonymous asked:
Hello! Could you possibly tell me the source from which you take the translations of "Letter to Comrade Kostrov..."? I've been searching for a while now, but haven't come across anything that would even slightly resemble the original. :-)

Hello! Thank you for your message. 

I got the poem from a PDF of a book which can be found [here]. If you have any objections to downloading something from the internet, please do not click the link, as it should start the download immediately. If the link doesn’t work or you have other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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❝ Is love the total sum of everything for me? Yes, only in another sense. Love is life, love is the main thing. My poetry, my actions, everything else stems from it. Love is the heart of everything. If it stops working, all the rest withers, becomes superfluous, unnecessary. ❞
—— Mayakovsky, in correspondence with Lili Brik


Portrait of Vladimir Mayakovsky by Alexander Rodchenko in high resolution | Constructivism prints, posters, constructivism photos by Alexander Rodchenko

from Vladimir Mayakovsky: A Tragedy (1913), Vladimir Mayakovsky


Vladimir Mayakovsky

New York, 1925

from Vladimir Mayakovsky: A Tragedy (1913), Vladimir Mayakovsky

from “Can it be that both your shoulder blades do not itch?” («Разве у вас не чешутся обе лопатки?»), Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1923

trans. Kevin Reese